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A Colour Love Story, Mexico City and Oaxaca

Toronto was blanketed in white when I headed out on this trip, so looking back at my trip photos from Mexico City and Oaxaca was extra rewarding! That was back in February....I've been meaning to post thing for a while.
I had often heard of Oaxaca as a kind of Mecca for fibre lovers and it did not disappoint. What struck me most about everywhere we went though, was the colour. Colour EVERYWHERE! Here are a few of my favourite shots from the trip.
Sweet little LYS in Oaxaca City
Hand painted sign for a trajinera (flat bottomed boat) at Xochimilco floating gardens
My haul of amazing naturally dyed wool from the workshop of one of my father-in-law's students, Jacobo. In the background is a gigantic, intricate weaving done by Jacobo's family using all naturally dyed yarn.
Weaving in progress at Jacobo's
Boats at Xochimilco, dusk
Random piñata on a side street, Oaxaca
The iconic cactus wall near the central pond in Oaxaca's Ethnobotanical Garden
Huichol beadwork at a Mexico city market stall. Every single bead is hand placed, and all the designs are free-hand!
What a wall colour!
This is the weaving I bought from Jacobo, hand made by his mother from indigo dyed wool.
Balls of reduced indigo and crusher
More bouganvillea
Even more bouganvillea. This picture inspired a yarn colour!
Jacobo showing us how cochineal reacts to pH. So amazing!
Natural dyes on display at Jacobo's
Monte Alban, pre columbian Zapotec settlement. I had to climb a lotta stairs to get this shot! So worth it for the view though. It was absolutely incredible to visit this place.