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Westlake is a collection of quality goods for the knitter, the fibre lover, the maker at heart. Ethically sourced natural fibres, hand knit accessories, natural dyes, tools and resources that inspire a deeper connection with the earth and skills of the past.
If you're curious about where your yarn comes from, if you love the feeling of wool passing through your fingers, if the possibility of coaxing stunning colour from plants fills your heart, welcome home.
Naturally Dyed Yarn in olive, grey, and caramel
My name is Kerri, and I've always been a maker. As a child, I spent most of my time dressed in a pioneer costume in my log cabin playhouse in the backyard. While my friends played with Pogs and Barbies, I’d make ink from lamp black and walnut shells, churn butter and grow wheat. Today, though I’ve tried many other things, I still find I’m happiest when I’m close to the garden.
Kerri Westlake in her Dye Garden
For the past 9 years, I've been fortunate enough to run Westlake, a fibre  business that allows me to live out my childhood maker dreams. For Westlake, I hand dye ethically sourced natural fibre yarns in steaming pots of plant-based colour. I use skills rooted in tradition to create thoughtfully-crafted hand knit accessories for the modern wanderer who has a wool-clad toe in the past. And I curate a collection of kits, tools, and resources to share these passions, with the goal of fostering a deeper connection with nature and the origin of the garments we wear.
Kerri Westlake Natural Dyeing
Dyeing Yarn with Marigolds
I have a dream of creating an online hub for local fibre: a place to tell the stories and share the work of Ontario fibre farmers; a place to learn about the dye potential of our fantastic flora; a place to share and encourage learning. Sign up to be notified about the first Ontario fibre farmer profile (coming in 2018).
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Take a 360° tour of my garden! That's right, you can use the mouse to move around the garden. If you're using a smartphone, simply turn the phone with your head as if you're looking around and you can see all around my 2016 garden.
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Kerri Westlake
Toronto, ON